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To prepare for a 2012 talk to give to public school children about what it was to live in FEAR in Hungary during the Nazi era, Judy created a spiral-bound book filled with a compilation of her 11 sketches, as well as photos and stories.  Judy transcribed the autobiographical stories by Josef Tibor (aka TB) Deutsch, z"l, a concentration camps survivor.  Judy made book copies as gifts for all the children of different faiths and nationalities.

The drawings are mostly of the layout of the home where Judy lived growing up in Budapest and how the family hid in the secret section of a room that her father built with bricks in the middle of nights. The room was perfectly finished and furnished so that no one could tell there was a hiding space which the family had to often use. The book is filled with personal Holocaust stories written by her beloved life partner, Ted Deutsch.  There is a news photo of TB in stripped prison garb behind the barbed wires. A couple photos display the names of the many concentration camps of Europe.

Sketches and stories have been shared by artist Judy, and accepted into Jerusalem's Yad Vashem.

Below are a couple of the room sketches, and the book cover title, as well as a loving personal inscription to this blog author. I scanned them and joined them in Picasa. - Joy

Judy's Chabad rabbi recommended that Judy speak at the school. This was the first time that Judy has formally and publicly spoken to an audience of her Holocaust experience. Below are also some of the photographed personal and original 'thank you' notes written by the 150 school children who listened to Judy share her personal story of life in Budapest. Judy was very moved by the students' responses and thus includes some grateful notes below. I have photo collaged them. - Joy

collage of many letters
 collage of many letters

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